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Architectural plans and sketches


At Habitat Architecture, we approach each new project with a deep understanding of its unique challenges. We work across the North West and beyond and specialise in creating spaces seamlessly blending innovation with the local surroundings. Our website showcases some of our most recent projects and demonstrates our commitment to creating stunning designs.

nova - clitheroe, lancashire

A regenerative home designed for a family moving from a large listed building into a space that allows them to live a better quality of life whilst also positively impacting the environment.

The home has been designed to be super-efficient, to be constructed of materials that are less impactful to the environment and the health of the occupants, and to integrate the indoor spaces with the outdoor spaces seamlessly.

Nova, Regenerative home,  Clitheroe, Lancashire

gibhill - goodshaw, rossendale

A Passivhaus designed as a new family home, the house is designed to nest within the existing site and work with the constraints and opportunities it presented; we find that working and moulding our designs around these constraints helps to create great buildings that are less impactful on the site, and the construction budget.

The house employes many sustainable architectural and mechanical features, from being a highly insulated home constructed from local, easily sourced materials, to specialist heat recovery systems.

Gibhill, Passivhaus, Goodshaw, Rossendale

thorney bank - roughlee, pendle

This existing farmhouse was a pleasure to work with; although small and not fully functioning for our clients, it was one of our favourites.

We redesigned the layout of the existing farmhouse, adding more space by knocking through to the attached barn, which allowed us to bring a real sense of drama within the home.

We then added two small extensions to the property, one quite modest and humble and the other more contemporary; this allows the occupants to fully immerse themselves in the surrounding environment in which they reside.

Thorney Bank, Barn Conversion, Roughlee, Pendle

former chapel - green haworth, oswaldtwistle

Converting a historic building is always a great opportunity; as we designed this now amazing subdivided chapel, we had to consider the impact we would have and leave on this former place of worship.

The end result is turning what was a forgotten and derelict chapel into four amazing four-bedroom homes that can and will be enjoyed for many years to come.

Former Chapel Conversion, Green Haworth, Oswaldtwistle

farmhouse extension - oswaldtwistle

As work took on this project, we were confronted with a home that wasn't meeting the modern needs of a family. The old layout and circulation didn't work for a modern, busy, professional family with children. We adapted, extended and improved the performance of the home to meet the needs of the family and any future occupants.

Farmhouse Extension, Oswaldtwistle

folly clough - goodshaw, rossendale

A proposal for a new build Passivhaus with a difference. This new home was designed to function for modern-day living, with open-plan layouts, generous bedrooms with ensuites and home office space. It also was designed to take architectural ques from the previously demolished mill that resided upon the site historically.

Impact on the open countryside was considered, and the design was made of locally sourced materials that are vernacular to the area.

New Passivhaus, Goodshaw, Rossendale

eco-studio - clitheroe, lancashire

This eco-friendly garden studio was designed for a couple that wanted to enjoy their outdoor space to its fullest; the design allows the occupants of the building to effortlessly connect with nature whilst also having no negative impact on the surrounding ecology of the site.

The garden studio is designed to be high-performance, negating the need for expensive and heavily extensive heating and cooling solutions.

Eco_Studio, Clitheroe, Lancashire

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